Friday, 9 November 2012

Tell Your Story – Write a Review of Ely State Prison Have you ever been an inmate at Ely State Prison?

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If so, then please write a review about it. Write about your prison experience so that other people can find out what to expect.

What to include in your review:     
1.Facility conditions
2. Facility facility and layout
3. Guards and prison staff.
4. Prison food and commissary
5, Visitation 5Inmates
6. Inmate safety.
7. Gang activity
8. Inmate activities and programs

If you are currently an inmate at this prison, include your mailing address if you would like people to be able to send you a letter.     

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Friday, 26 October 2012


We need to let our loved ones know that we care and they can stop this kind of abuse by exposing it! We as family and friends need to help one another by spreading the word, encourage our loved ones to document the abuse so that we can force these abusers to think twice before they hurt anyone again. These idiots are causing harm because they believe that the system will protect them and that they can get away with it!

SADLY they intimidate and humiliate our loved ones so much that they start believing that no-one in the systems cares whether they live or die and will remain silent in fear of further retaliation. Many are just TOO afraid to speak up and as long as this continues the abuse WILL NOT STOP.

As for Dir. Cox, as much as I would like to believe him I can’t because he is a part of the system that allows our loved ones to get ABUSED and even worse sometimes KILLED. Every time this happens they cover it up with lies and never take responsibility. It is always the prisoner’s fault, even when he is killed, it’s still his fault! After all it is easier for the NDOC to convince the public that the convicted criminal was at fault.

Why not name and shame the real perpetrators of such abuse, the so called law abiding, and trust worthy employees??? They should be charged and convicted for breaking the law! Causing bodily harm is a criminal offence on the streets so why is it acceptable in prisons? It is beyond disgusting what goes on behind those walls!!!

PLEASE don’t wait for it to happen to your loved one or mine before you get involved. This kind of abuse is NOT new or isolated incidents, it’s been going on for years and they got away with it because very little and/or limited resources were available to expose it. Technology has given us the power! Together we can make the difference! Spread the word

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Letter about the one I love 

Today I write to the management and staff of Ely State Prison to let you know that at night when I pray for the safety of my loved one I also pray for you, your safety is important too and that God will keep all his children at ESP safe.  

I know you have a tough job, we all get that! Some of you may work there because you have no choice and others simply because its suits you either way I beg you to never forget that our loved ones are like you and me, still human.

At times you may forget and treat them as less than what they really are, human beings but again I ask that you to remind yourself that despite the fact that many have made mistakes, some may even be innocent of the crimes they were convicted of either way they now find themselves in dreadful circumstances but they are like the rest of us, still a part God’s creation, the human race.

You may at times refer to our loved ones as animals because they may act out but they are still someone’s son, husband, brother, partner, uncle, nephew or friend. We love them regardless of the mistakes they may have made just as you would still love your loved ones. No one is sin free!  

So I ask again that before you dismiss another human beings request again and before you physically, emotional or mentally abuse or neglect them remind yourself that despite of their circumstance, they still have feelings, emotions and yes sometimes even anger and rage.  

Sadly many of our loved ones at Ely are caged up like animals yet expected to function normal. If this had to happen to you and believe me it can happen to anyone because we live in a lawless country would you not feel the same frustrations. Being caged up, stripped of all rights and treated as if you were a nothing, lose all your social skills because of no or very little contact. Would you not also act out?

People in your care suffer from depression, anxiety, confusion and mental illness not because they were born this way but because the American Justice System are making them “lose their minds” they cannot be expected to always act or think rationally as they are living with a constant feeling of loneliness, fear and despair. Stripped from their basic human rights!

While you are fortunate enough to return to your loved ones at night, we lay awake and beg God to keep our loved ones safe. Each new day is a new struggle and challenge for us because we don’t have the privilege to pick up the phone at any time to check on their safety and wellbeing. We have to rely on the limited calls allowed and letters and that’s if there is enough money for phone or stamps.

Not only do we worry about their safety while they are in your care but we also worry about so many other things, Are they warm enough? Are they Hungry? Are they feeling lonely? Are they feeling suicidal?  We feel guilty every time we have a good meal or when we put on another jumper because we are feeling cold because these are basic privileges you and I have but not our loved ones in prison.

We live in fear and anxiety because our loved ones are constantly at risk of harm so like our loved ones in your care we are too are being punished by the state and serving the time. The only difference being that we are not caged up. Still we feel helpless, judged, and lonely, suffer from depression and our only wish is that our loved ones are safe and will get through each day unharmed and the pain we are all  feeling is respected and understood.

Please take care of our loved ones, they mean the world to us!


ELY STATE PRISON – CERT team beat an inmate in full restraints, cuffed behind his back, shackled and on his knees.

October 2012 - Extract from a letter written by an inmate at Ely State Prison.

I watched these filthy bastards here at ESP known as the CERT team beat an inmate who was in complete restraints, cuffed behind his back, shackled, he was on his knees to be placed in a new cell when one of the CERT c/o threw a elbow to the inmates back of his head, cracking it open, then they jumped on top of him face down. It was truly horrific & malicious.

I watched these ESP CERT c/o’s attack this inmate for no reason. The man was on his knees in FULL restraints! This entire tier went crazy with anger at these malicious c/o’s. We had to yell at them to get up off this inmate because he could not breathe plus he was bleeding from being slammed into the concrete floor. These CERT c/o’s were twice as big & heavy as this kid inmate. It was disgusting to watch this attack by the CERT c/o’s for no other reason other than to be malicious.

These filthy bastards are so barbaric to us inmates, human beings. Somehow their badge has changed them from fellow human beings into storm trooper barbarians who have no conscience to implicate pain, harm, malicious acts of violence against inmates, human beings. There is such a desire from officers to cause harm & distress to others.

Please understand that this is the “normal” NO! It is not right! It is against the law. Officers are not allowed to attack inmates but they do to hurt you, attack you with a gang of c/o’s. Their word comes before an inmate because they are the officers. The real world of America’s jails & prison systems. Yes, there are times where force is needed or required but 80% of the time these c/o’s go overboard with force & malicious attacks.   The American Justice System has turned barbaric against its own people who the authorities call prisoner inmates.

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